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Constructing the plateau steps

Constructing the plateau steps   When we had the new Fosse installed the filter system would require an area of 72 sq metres, consisting of four 12 metre long 100 mm diameter perforated pipes set parallel at 1.5 metres apart and 400 mm deep, and on gravel 150 mm deep covered with a porous membrane,  Read More

January 15, 2018 author

Looking back over 2017

Looking back over 2017 We have achieved a lot, which gave us a good feeling. We had planned to do more but, as with all plans, they get modified as you move forward and problems occur which need to be addressed and solved or, as I have found, time supplies the solutions and it’s just  Read More

December 9, 2017 author

French Potager

AL “Le Chapeau” and “Jersey” Malc Their venture with a French Potager. We were given the opportunity to work a area of land on the border of the village, it had been cleared of some trees and worked lightly in 2016. A villager tilled (ploughed and harrowed) the land for us prior to the planting  Read More

May 12, 2017 author

Late Summer 2015

Late Summer 2015 was going to be a very busy time for us as we had bought a wood burner back in the spring and a survey had been carried out on the house for fitting the liner etc. On our early summer visit to Garzanic we had found a major problem with what turned  Read More

November 8, 2015 author

Christmas 2013

Moving Forward We completed the sale of our UK property on the 16th of December 2013. It was a very stormy, wet and windy day; sad in ways but exciting with the prospect of completing the purchase of our French home. The delay on the sale meant that we would be unable to get our  Read More

March 26, 2015 author

A life changing moment

A life changing moment You can’t Change the past” On the return journey to the UK from our 2013 adventure, all of our thoughts had turned to the French property we had seen. We decided that maybe we should consider putting our English home up for sale. As we pulled up outside of our house  Read More

March 26, 2015 author

Our lives are about to Change

Our lives are about to change Our lives are about to change, summer 2013 would become, unknown to us at the time, a “life changing summer”. At the start of our adventure we were going to explore the North West coast of France, but the weather forecast was disappointing, with rain and a low pressure  Read More

March 26, 2015 author

Autumn 2012 Spring 2013

Autumn 2012 Spring 2013 The Crossways Caravan site. In the Autumn 2012 Spring 2013, On returning from their Euro adventure the Kindogs set out on some autumn long weekends along the Jurassic coast of Dorset. On our first weekend away we stayed at the Caravan Club site “The Crossways” at  Moreton, Dorchester, Dorset. The site  Read More

March 26, 2015 author

Kindogs Euro 2012 Adventure

The horrifying sound of brickwork crashing to the ground at 2:00 am was not the start we had planned for our July / August holiday. Jumping out of our new motor home I ran round to the back of the van, to see our drive wall laying on the pavement. Realization hit me harder than  Read More

March 26, 2015 author

The Kindogs have finally taken the plunge

The Kindogs have finally taken the plunge. Everything has a Beginning All the um-ing and ah-ing is over. We have bought the “Granvan” a Toyota Granvia. It has an automatic gearbox, sleeps the two us and our dog (the dog will (probably) get the best seat in the van). The van was previously owned by  Read More

March 26, 2015 author

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