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Like everybody

Birds Music Adventure
Chateau Fort De Corlay
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We have interests in lots of different subjects: birds; music; adventures. You can read about some of our adventures by clicking on the headings under “Little Snippets”. Since 2012 we have travelled through France, falling for the “French way of life”. This well-worn term has been used to describe how the French approach everyday problems with a carefree “c’est la vie” attitude. We have found that this attitude removes a lot of stress from life and we have come to love approaching life this way. With the wonderful litter free countryside, weather, food and wine, we go along with “Vive La France!”. We bought a property in Bretagne in 2013 – you can also read in Little Snippets how we came to purchase this property. These Snippets are the history of events that have come to form our lives.

We Like Music

Matt Music
Matt Bialas on Stage
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Music plays a big part in everybody’s life (except, unfortunately, for the hard of hearing). Music to us performed live is the best, whether it is Dylan, Knoffler, or an up and coming band/solo artist. Matt Bialas is a singer/songwriter who produces songs that have great lyrics and musical arrangements. It’s well worth listening to his acoustic and electronic songs. With three of his mates he formed the band Leftines who have played along the south coast of England and in London. Check them out via this site, where you can download their music. You will not be disappointed.

We also like Birds

Birds Music Adventure
Red Breasted Fly Catcher
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<style=”text-align: center;”=””>In my opinion we are very lucky – we have music, wonderful plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, shorelines and, best of all, birds in all their forms. I use three classes to describe birds (it’s just the way I categorize) “Passerine”, “Aquatic”, “Raptors”

Birds Music Adventure
Grey Heron
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I have over the last 10 years come to appreciate how important birds are. When you listen to a favourite piece of music or the song of a Sky Lark, Blackbird, or any bird singing, it makes you feel good. When I stop and take the time to listen and find out where the bird is and see it, and then if I am lucky to be able to photograph it successfully, Wow what a feeling. Birds are just wonderful, they have such beautiful markings and colour to their feathers.

Birds Music Adventure
Kestral in full flight
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The pecking order of the different species is very evident if you watch them at a feeding station. They become very aggressive towards each other, even though the food supply is plentiful. Passerine Birds cover about 50% of the bird species. They have 3 toes pointing forward and 1 pointing backward. This gives them the ability to perch. Aquatic Birds have webbed feet and feed on and around water. Raptors have talons which they use to kill their prey, and talons have tremendous crushing power. All the bird pages have a photograph and brief description of the bird with their common and Latin names.


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